About me

I’m Martin Baart, a young leader, driven by my goal to save the planet. I’m a technical expert in Microgrid technologies, Minigrid assessment and design, remote area project management, business development for renewable technologies and product management of Microgrid technologies.

In 2016, I founded ecoligo with my co-founder, Markus Schwaninger. ecoligo is a solar utility that provides low cost electricity to businesses and industries in emerging markets. By financing the solar systems through our crowdinvesting platform, we close the finance gap that currently prevents these projects from being realised.

As expert on Microgrids and Minigrids I am empowering remote and off-grid communities with my services to get access to cheaper energy by hybridising existing diesel based power plants with renewable energy sources. I further spread my knowledge by training others on these exciting topics.

Before, as Vice President Engineering at OneShore Energy, I lead and managed a team of 5 engineers on the development of hardware and software solutions for the analysis and simulation of Microgrids and Minigrids.

I’ve worn many hats before – project engineer, development engineer, key account manager and business development manager. As a result, I do have a unique ability to understand technology as good as sales and business development.

My key professional value addition boils down to:

– In depth Microgrid knowledge from even before the term was used.
– I don’t care who gets credit – I want to provide the best solution for customers.
– I have big ideas. Everyone has. I put them into action.
– I lead by example.

I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk Microgrids, business development or sustainable development.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.