The start of my blog

I used to have a blog, some years ago, where I wrote about my personal life and whatever crossed my paths and I felt it was worth sharing. I always enjoyed writing. The fact that at the end, I had several hundreds unique visitors a month did flatter me, but I never grasped how much this was worth.

Now, some years later (10 to be precise), I decided to start writing again. Not about my personal life, but about the topics that I care about and want others to be aware of. I want this blog to become a multiplier of my thoughts, ideas and dreams. Especially regarding my two main causes I care of:

  • Renewable energies,
  • Developing countries,
  • Financing in these areas, and
  • Start-ups within these spaces

I do hope that my articles are sometimes interesting, sometimes questioning the status quo, sometimes inspire to think outside of the box but most of it all, I hope they will always be worth the read. Maybe I even manage to reach out to hundreds of visitors per month again!

The biggest goal though I have with this blog would be to inspire someone to follow me on my path, to make this world a better one, step by step – or word by word.


Image Source: Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis

Martin Baart

Renewable energy enthusiast. My goal is to reach out and make people aware of the opportunities of renewable energy solutions, especially in developing countries. Word by word.

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